It’s a Brand New World

Is this real life or is this just fantasy? We live in a world where unthinkable things become possible; a world where what was inconceivable some decades ago has now become reality for many.

Technology has affected us a great deal. Few are those who can look back and remember the world how it once was: plain, simple, limited. And now technology stands at the horizon offering a world without limits, a colourful and dynamic world full of challenges and possibilities.

Almost everything is possible nowadays since producing energy with body fluids to controlling a prosthesis with your mind. People who never walked before can start walking aided by an exoskeleton; the shape of the universe is determined; a sheep was cloned; and bringing mammoths back to life is as close to happen than it ever was before; 3D printing is now real and perhaps in the future everyone will have a 3D printer at home; organs and tissues are grown in labs; synthetic meat is produced in Asia. Everything is possible: name it and it eventually shall become a reality.

Technology has, of course, its downsides. In our daily lives it affects us greatly because we have become dependent of the small devices connecting us to the rest of the world. Distance between two individuals becomes bigger as the distance between any of them and the rest of the world becomes smaller. What brings us closer also drives us lonelier. But at the same time, families separated by continents have their chance to be reunited. Distance becomes obsolete with technology. And so does language, race and culture; on the internet we are all one nation.

Maybe in the future we will all be created in a lab like Aldous Huxley hypothesized. Maybe science will guide society just like religion has done for many centuries. The more expensive innovations will become either obsolete or common and inexpensive. But I have faith, or perhaps I should say I expect, that science and innovation won’t be the only thing driving and dominating us; I hope we will still value beauty and art, may it be painted, written, spoken or photographed. May we vow that technology doesn’t override the human nature, that we may not sacrifice who we are for what we aim to accomplish.

Technology has done us a great deal and has them potential to do us a great deal more. And since grasping the basics of science equals to holding the future in your hand, we must not overlook the education of science. The same applies to the teaching of art and culture: it is essential if we don’t want to forget who we are.

The future is near, the impossible is now possible. With technology the sky is the limit. Or maybe it isn’t.


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